Thursday, March 12, 2009

Welcome to Fantasy Ledger!

Thank you for checking out Fantasy Ledger. This is the initial post in a blog that will be dedicated to delving into the world of fantasy sports, with a focus primarily on Baseball and Football. I have been playing fantasy sports for 14 years and can still remember my first draft in 1995. My first pick...Mike Piazza! I am a lifelong Cleveland Indians fan, so I also fondly remember grabbing Jim Thome and watching him and the Tribe make it all the way to the World Series against the Atlanta Braves. Funny other than these two players - the only other thing I remember (other than finishing near the cellar) is grabbing Mark Wohlers at our mid-season draft and watching him grab the closer's job and help me avoid a certain last place finish.

For anyone who has ever played in a fantasy league, you will always remember something special about the first time you ventured into wonderful world of fantasy sports and got hooked. I remeber my first drafts, in a second floor office of some real estate company that many of my first league-mates worked at. I was the new guy, recruited by a friend as a last second replacement, and went into that draft totally unprepared and it showed. But they were a great bunch of guys, a lot of fun and I played baseball and football with them for the next few years - until the commissioner reloacated to Las Vegas and the league petered out.

Since then I have added more and more to my fantasy plate every season. I have won championships, won contests, started leagues and even been forced out of a long-time league that I helped found by a commisioner that I just didn't see eye-to-eye with anymore. This year I am very excited to be taking my game to another level with my participation in the NFBC Main Event for the first time. The Main Event draft will be taking place Saturday, March 21st, so needless to say I am knee deep in preparation and anxiously awating my league and draft slot assignment. One of the many things I will be blogging about will be my journey in the NFBC this season with regular posts on draft preparation, roster management and weekly FAAB decisions.

So welcome aboard and good luck to all of you this season!!

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